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213 Tribal Tattoos – Black and white Lower back Designs

Tribal Tattoo Designs213 Tribal Tattoos
Black and White Lower Back Designs

Tribal Tattoos  are extremely popular and can add a distinct ‘je ne sais quoi’ to a person’s character. The real beauty of tribal tattoos is that they don’t have to be loud and obnoxious unless you want them to be, but rather subtle and stylish. It is a style that typically capitalizes on solid black lines and coloring (with some exceptions of course) and it is also composed of pointed and curved elements. It’s bold and eye catching. In short, it’s a pretty wicked looking  style!

Probably the most documented and understood of the magically charged tribal tattoos was for the purpose of love spells and charms. Tattoo magicians   would mix special herbs and potent concoctions to their dyes and would apply the   tattoo to a small, generally hidden area to activate the magic. These tattoos were kept hidden because it would be foolish for an old married woman to  go around wearing the marks of a foolish youth.

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